” Straight Talk “

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The deadly duo (MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental) recently caught some interview action with CLAAA 7 from the Lost Tapes site out in Sweden…..

Both of them open up about their recording process, how they initially linked up, warfare, upcoming projects, and all types of wild shit that will activate your Hip Hop antennae…

c7: Are there any specific musical influences in particular that you could say have influenced the music on the “GMV” projects?

GRIMM: It’s kind of when we work together, we shut down, and just focus. We just focus on what we wanna do… I mean when you say influences, that go so far back that it’s hard to just pinpoint. Like there’s too many names I could name right now – as for hip-hop I have to go back to, I have to say ZULU of course, on the hip-hop side. I don’t wanna just speak for DRASAR but being a rapper, we deal with so much different styles of music and appreciation of music, that I don’t think we view what we’re doing the way someone we give it to would receive it. We appreciate how you feel about what we’re creating because we really believe in it. So you know it’s rewarding. Our reward is this conversation, our rewards are different from what other people try to get from it, or do with it.

So for you to even sit here and talk with us about Part 3 when now we’re in the middle of [part] three, says something different. It’s a different type of interview. So you know we’re thankful, I’m thankful for this brother, here. I have no problem just talking about all this. This thing we’re talking about; like I think what really messed up music and hip-hop was when they started recording people inside the booth [*laughter from Drasar*] and things of that nature, I think that kind of changed the way people perceive music. And it wasn’t needed anymore to bring stories to life, it was more of the visual aspect, and I believe we are tuned in to the foundation, that core that’ll keep us true to what we believe!

PART 1…..


* Salute to everyone that supports our zone….

Grimm & Drasar are currently in the lab banging out some “next shit”.Be on the lookout for a Summer release #GMV3..


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