” Vendetta In Your Area “

Picture 3

First of all, NUFF RESPECT to all of the true believers, web sites, DJ’s, record brokers, die-hard Hip Hop fanatics, B-Boys and B-Girls all across the globe that have supported our releases…..

We are catching heavy wreck this year – here are a FEW examples….

Picture 1

1…MF GRIMM & DRASAR were the special guest on the CIPHER podcast with Shawn Setaro out in Brooklyn yesterday…Past guest include Johnny Rotten, 45 King, KRS-One, Joe Conzo, RZA, Muggs, etc…..If you still believe in the true power of this artform, you do not want to miss this interview.


Picture 2

2..Boxcutter Brothers 3 (Ayatollah & Drasar Monumental) is on the horizon, matter of fact the release date is around the corner (Oct 12th)…The first leak “Apex Predator Blades” with Drasar on the mic and the boards is already getting burn out there….

World premier with ROB UNKUT in Australia – CHECK IN…

BCB3 early review from Ryan Proctor (Old To The New) – CHECK IN…

*Orders go live Monday – along with a video snippet sampler.

2015 is not over yet, so please keep your eyes peeled – we have a few surprises on deck …….


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