” Vendetta Avalanche Steez “


*ABOVE PIC – Supernatural & MFGRIMM meet up at Hiero Day 2016 after not seeing each other since their infamous NMS battle over 20 years ago…#CLASSIC.

Things have been in full swing over at VENDETTA HQ- We invaded HIERO 2016 with live DJ / beat set action…Much respect to ARCHITECT/ PEZO / GRIMM / KUFU / SHA / G-LEVEL / WIGZ / DRASAR / GOBLIN / FDRZ / DAZE and everyone else that held down our booth with B Boy pride…




We highly suggest that you fasten your seat belts and get your mind right and exact because 2016 is not quite over with..Test presses are in for our next release – we plan on making a couple announcements in the very near future, so stay tuned- until then make sure you peep this GOOD MORNING VIETNAM trilogy review by Werner Von Wallenrod who has been writing excellent reviews for over ten years…BLAM-BLAM-BLAM-BLAM……

” More Fire “

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.25.10 PM

The VENDETTA VINYL posse will be popping up at the HIERO DAY celebration in Oakland this Monday Sep 5th…We have a couple booths, so come through as we go into full blown wreckage mode on the decks, samplers, and the black books…

We are even having a free give away for a upcoming secret society 7inch that will be released very shortly….Big up to everyone that has been rocking with us since day one (WE SEE YOU)…..

ARCHITECT: Butter Soul Instrumentals

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.45.37 PM


Orders are now live for the ARCHITECT’S (Homeless Derelix, Stones Throw, Encore, Hiero, etc) brand spanking new instrumental project entitled, “Butter Soul” that is straight up monstrous on numerous levels…For those of you tired of lazy, uninspired, predictable, bozo chops – I highly suggest scooping this up because his sound is the total opposite of all that mediocre bullshit dudes pass off as beats these days..

Peep the snippets –


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.02.31 AM

” Vendetta Invades Seattle “

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.19.10 AM

Here is the audio for the first stop on the VENDETTA VINYL “High Frequency Tour” that is going to be popping throughout the year…MF GRIMM, AYATOLLAH, FDRZ, ARCHITECT, PEZO, WIGZ, KENDOO & DRASAR MONUMENTAL took over the airwaves for a night of chop chaos, exclusives, scratches, B-sides, remixes and all types of other wild shit….So tune in – you won’t find this anywhere else on the net so scoop this up before the link disappears for good….

*Technical difficulties in the beginning- FFWD to the 5 minute mark…

Big up to GRIMROCK for making it happen!!!!


And while your at it, here is the audio from the following night in Seattle at the Vermillion….

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.20.08 AM

” Vendetta 2016 : Newness “

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.54.02 AM

2016 will definitely be a PRODUCTIVE year over here at VVHQ….

We have a few rockets up our sleeves that will be revealed in the very near future, until then, here are a couple Hip Hop treats for you to feast on….

1…AYATOLLAH “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”……The Queens beatsmith continues to show extreme dedication to his sampler, and even his bar game on his latest release that is already making the rounds…..After a quick listen I’m quite sure this will land on your steady rotation list….FEEL FREE TO SPREAD AROUND…

2…The Boxcutter Brothers (Ayatollah & Drasar Monumental) were recently on the DROP A GEM ON EM podcast out in Queens NYC…..These two production heavyweights drop a couple hours of nonstop jewelry that will force you to start fastening your seat belts (Tragedy Khadafi even makes a surprise appearance)……Past guest include JS1, Big Twinz, Prince Po, Positive K, Ty Nitty, Chyskillz, Pudgee The Fat Bastard, etc……PLEASE DO NOT SNOOZE *BEGINS AT THE 7:50 MINUTE MARK…


Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.53.44 AM

” Vendetta Vinyl Broadcast #5 “

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.37.17 PM

This is what Mr.Crate Killer (Drasar Monumental) had to say about the recent mix he rocked for us at VVHQ-

I was recently summoned by the wild dudes over at VENDETTA VINYL headquarters for some 2016 hardcore turntable action…..Lately I have been so entrenched in the production side of things, it was nice to assemble a dangerous set of grimy selections, remixes, blends, doubles, twist and turns and all that other explosive shit….

The tracklist alone should motivate you to download this session – but their are some tracks that were not mentioned because they were only used as spices and extended layering, so don’t snooze….

Anyway, big shout out to everyone that respects the wreck, it is appreciated to the fullest….Turn the volume past ten, strap on your collision helmets, and prepare for another round of severe pressure on your ear drums duke…

Feel free to spread around-


1..Drasar Monumental & Blacka Dread – “Heathen Dead 2 Dubplate”

2..MF GRIMM & Drasar Monumental – “The Bear”

3..Candystore – “Jewels Heist”

4..Architects Of Intellect – “Syndrome”

5..Live Wire – “Tables Turn”

6..P.Brothers featuring Boss Money – “Cold World”

7..Cliffhangerz – “Ready 4 War”

8..Roc Raida & Wayne O – “U Dont Stop”

9..Big City – “Disgusting”

10..Shamus featuring Flu – “Tight Team” Drasar Monumental remix

11..Deda Baby Paw – “Cant Wait”

12..The Legion – “It’s Thorough”

13..B-1 & Ayatollah – “Hustle”

14..Lord Finesse – Funky On The Fast Tip, original version

15..Capitol D – “1984”

16..Showbiz & AG – “Stand Strong”

17..Call Of The Wild – “Sometimes The Neighborhood”

18..Scum – “Taking No Shorts”

19..Al Tariq – “Crime Pays”

20..Beneficence – “Aim,Fire,Spit”

21..Sam Hill – “Project Misery”

22..Godfather Don & Sir Menelik – “Life Aint The Same”

23..Drasar Monumental – “Apex Predator Blades”

24..MF GRIMM & Drasar Monumental – “Rhymes Against Humanity”


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.04.31 PM

” Top Of The Year “

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.54.59 PM

*In the above photo is the limited edition GMV poster…SPECS – 12X30…All serious inquiries E-Mail VENDETTAVINYLVIETNAM@GMAIL.COM

If you do a brief search of the GMV trilogy while floating around in cyberspace you spot all types of action…LEE RHYANES (NMS University) did a nice write up on “GMV” that boosted our morale levels….We have a funny feeling that 2016 will be a special year if things are already starting off like this (be on the lookout for more wreck in the very NEAR future)…..

“GMVI (2012), GMVII (2013), & GMVIII (2014)…These records championed each year they were released like a Bulls or Lakers three peat…the third taking the listener back to the beginning in attempt to tie the story line together. I take away something new with each listen. It’s structure is cinematic, movie-like… a work of audio art turning the volume up on the comic book world. The way it’s composed from the beats to the rhymes inspires research”.


” Boxcutter Brothers 3 “

Picture 1

2015 is not over yet duke!!!

AYATOLLAH & DRASAR MONUMENTAL are back on the set for another installment of their well received “BOXCUTTER BROTHERS” instro series…If you enjoyed part one & two – part three will keep you on the edge of your seats as these two assemble original masterpieces of sonic reconstruction….

This time around they push the envelope by grabbing the mic device on one song each (APEX PREDATOR BLADES & GRAFFITI respectively)…

So do yourself a favor and scoop up a physical copy before they vanish for good…We are now shipping the CD version worldwide (vinyl will be available at some point within the next four months – you know how the vinyl pressing situation is these days)…..

Here is the sampler for you to rock out with……Visual arrangements by the ultra-creative BOOGIE MENSCH once again…Feel free to spread around..


1.Apex Predator Blades- DRASAR ON THE RHYMES 04:17
2.Chop Hell – Swashbucklers 03:50
3.The Fine Art of Survival 02:58
4.Stabbed 03:46
5.Georgetown, Cayman Islands 03:33
6.Black Calculus 2 02:24

8.Armadillo 01:37
9.Parental Guidance 03:42
10.The Best That I’ve Got 03:24
11.These Brothers 03:40
12.H. Rap Brown 04:33


Picture 7

” Vendetta In Your Area “

Picture 3

First of all, NUFF RESPECT to all of the true believers, web sites, DJ’s, record brokers, die-hard Hip Hop fanatics, B-Boys and B-Girls all across the globe that have supported our releases…..

We are catching heavy wreck this year – here are a FEW examples….

Picture 1

1…MF GRIMM & DRASAR were the special guest on the CIPHER podcast with Shawn Setaro out in Brooklyn yesterday…Past guest include Johnny Rotten, 45 King, KRS-One, Joe Conzo, RZA, Muggs, etc…..If you still believe in the true power of this artform, you do not want to miss this interview.


Picture 2

2..Boxcutter Brothers 3 (Ayatollah & Drasar Monumental) is on the horizon, matter of fact the release date is around the corner (Oct 12th)…The first leak “Apex Predator Blades” with Drasar on the mic and the boards is already getting burn out there….

World premier with ROB UNKUT in Australia – CHECK IN…

BCB3 early review from Ryan Proctor (Old To The New) – CHECK IN…

*Orders go live Monday – along with a video snippet sampler.

2015 is not over yet, so please keep your eyes peeled – we have a few surprises on deck …….