” Judas Brutus Gear “

Since it’s still type rugged and frigid in Vietnam, California- We figured it was only right to bless our peoples with these exclusive “JUDAS BRUTUS” hoodies…

Worn by hyper-critical B-Boys, Boulevard warlords, top ranking Hip Hop scholars, and stand – up peoples…Get yours before they vanish into the ethers for good -CURRENTLY SHIPPING WORLDWIDE….

Please include the size you need when you place an order.

Big up to POLAR for the layout work!




” Drasar Monumental : More Fire Mix “


You know it’s a extra special type of day when we bless you with two free mixtapes before nightfall..

Please never attempt to say those VENDETTA VINYL dudes were stingy with the free jewelry….HAHAHAH!!! Anyway, this mix is a strictly reggae / dancehall session….But please don’t get it twisted, this is on another level when it comes to that PRESSURE..

Sponsored by those next level dudes over at WOX EXTRACTS (Do the Knowledge)…

Drasar Monumental “More Fire Mix 2022″……FEEL FREE TO SPREAD AROUND.


” Pezo / MADPLANET : Real Live “

Awhile back PEZO laid down a live set behind the turntables at a undisclosed location in Northern California….What your about to hear is one take, no edits, no editing whatsoever…This recording came straight from the board during a wild backyard boogaloo type affair….Salute to PEZO / MADPLANET for holding down the fort and keeping those flames lit up…


I hope your Summer was as glorious as ours at VVHQ-



” 2012- 2022 VV Anniversary Action “

* The Vendetta Vinyl 10 year anniversary crew neck sweaters are officially sold out- thanks for your support it is appreciated to the fullest…

On another note – we have the GERSHON MOSLEY X VENDETTA VINYL X DIALER skateboards on deck- shipping worldwide!!!!

GERSHON MOSLEY- The Compton, California native is widely known for his aggressive style on the streets as well the ramps..He formerly rode for Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz & A-Team…This one-time X games participant continues to push the envelope and currently rides with a sense of urgency that is inspiring….

VENDETTA VINYL- For over 10 years VV has not only churned out heavy 12 inches, 7 inches, 45’s and tapes- but also 45 adaptors, coffee packs, gear, comic books, lunch boxes, etc…This Vietnam, California based label has no intentions of slowing down whatsoever…

DIALER- A true original…Dialer has consistently maintained a presence in the “art world” with a unique approach that has spanned decades….When it comes to characters or letters his intricate style remains distinctive…

The boards come in 5 different colors (Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange & Brown) No pump faking or loafing troops, these will sell out, so please do not snooze ……..

All serious inquiries email – VENDETTAVINYLVIETNAM@GMAIL…

” Wreck Time Is Here “

Alright troopers – orders are now live for the 10 year anniversary VENDETTA VINYL Crew Neck sweaters…Much thanks and appreciation goes out to all of our supporters all across the planet…

Blue & Grey color options available – (Sizes / Large, X Large, XX Large) – Currently shipping worldwide, international shipping cost may vary…


” Pezo : 120 Mix Streaming “

This is the first time BIG PEZO made the “120 Mix” available for streaming…It seems like yesterday when I witnessed “P” put this heavyweight session together (circa 2013) – and its still sounds explosive, refreshing, and current (ARTWORK BY KUFU ONE GFC/ NS)…

1) Fat Joe – “The Shit Is Real” DJ Premier Remix
2) J-Twice – “It’s Going Down Sucka”
3) Scum – “Scum Live”
4) MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental – “If You Don’t Know”
5) Roc Marciano – “By The Book”
6) DJ Spinna – “Dillagence”
7) Pretty Tone Capone – “Marked For Death”
8) Lord Finesse – “Isn’t He Something”
9) Rock La Flow – “Wreckamic”
10) Magnificent Shakeem – “You Better Be Treacherous”
11) The Wizard Of Rap – “Escape From East New York”
12) T.D.S. MOB – “What’s This World Coming To”
13) Hitman – “Mental Pressure”
14) Geo & Ricochet – “This Is How It’s Done”
15) T.D.S. MOB – “The Rhyme You’re About To Hear Is True”
16) The P. Brothers Feat. Boss Money – “Blam Blam For Nottingham”
17) Constant Deviants – “Fulton Street”
18) Fla Fla – “Master Movement”
19) Madlib – “Young Blood”
20) Constant Deviants – “Problem Child”
21) Brothers Of The Mind – “Stop Schemin”
22) Finsta Bundy – “WTF”
23) All Natural – “50 Years”
24) Father Don – “Piece Of The Action”
25) P. Brothers Feat. Milano – “Got It On Me”
26) Big L. – ” Give It To Em L.”
27) Blvd Mosse – “Can’t Eecape The Hypeness”
28) Nardo Ranks – “Gun Pon Cock”
29) Asher D. & Daddy Freddy – “Ragga Muffin Hip-Hop”
30) Stezo feat. Dooley O. – “Piece Of The Pie”
31) Psycho Les – “Psychodelic Shit” Mobb Deep Remix *Planet Rocker Blend*
32) ORF Big Band – “La Serena”
33) Kashmere Stage Band – “I Wish -Pt. 1.”
34) Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band – Scorpio
35) Frankie Gee – “Date With The Rain”
35) Voices Of East Harlem – “Take A Stand”


HNY to you and yours out there…2021 was a good year for us at VVHQ, but 2022 will be a breakout year, so please keep your eyes peeled because its going to get rather explosive on this side….

Last month we announced that we were having a remix contest for DRASAR MONUMENTAL’ crushing single “Hit The Deck”….We received entries from all corners of the globe, with all types of heat…It came down to 3 producers- NERVEX from Atlanta, Mayor SALAN from Spain & FIDEL CUTSTRO from London…..

It was so close between the three that we decided they should all submit another remix for the championship belt….

Once again it was very close, but after careful analysis and and massive re -listening , we have to give the trophy to FIDEL CUTSTRO…..

Give his remix a thorough listen and catch a heavy zone…Once again BIG UP to everyone that entered, you are appreciated to the fullest extent…


https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/1197876868&color=%23ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true&visual=true DRASAR MONUMENTAL · DRASAR MONUMENTAL X FIDEL CUTSTRO – HIT THE DECK REMIX

” Hip Hop Holiday Pack “

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 7.37.46 PM

Back by popular demand , we have these VENDETTA VINYL Hip Hop holiday, coffee power packs straight from the motherland…If you need a little B-Boy morale boost in your life- scoop up a bag and go for yours cuzzo !!!


* ON A SIDE NOTE- DRASAR constructed a lethal batch of remixes that are only available for a LIMITED time (VENDETTA VINYL BROADCAST 10 – THE REMIX VERSION)…

FREE DL LINK – https://we.tl/t-5CHgkVb7sF

Thanks to everyone that went out and copped “ADVANCED TERRORISM” – we are on the verge of selling out..Without your unyielding support, none of this would be possible.


Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 5.46.16 PM


Alright troops – after ten years of dropping mixtapes, 12 inches, 7 inches, cassettes, Coffee packs, comic books, 45 adaptors, sweatshirts, Tees, etc….We cap off a ten year run with this heavy duty slab of wax by the triple threat renegade BBoy known as DRASAR MONUMENTAL….(Please don’t get it twisted – we are just beginning on this side -HA)

This record is getting so much momentum that we sold out of all the test presses except one, without even announcing we were selling them ( If your interested in copping the last one hit us at VENDETTAVINYLVIETNAM@GMAIL.COM )…

This record is so heavy and relentless that the lighthearted will tremble in their boots if this is played at loud volumes…A true masterpiece in every sense of the word…

We begin shipping worldwide tomorrow (Vinyl, CD & digital available) – ORDERS ARE NOW LIVE – NO PRE ORDERS, PUMP FAKING, ETC..


” Drasar Monumental : Advanced Terrorism “

We finally have the wax for the highly anticipated project by DRASAR MONUMENTAL – “Advanced Terrorism” due out October 18th (Wax,CD&Digital)….While major record labels, RSD, and Hip Hop opportunist flood the lanes that were once wide open – cats like us that have steadily put out vinyl for over a decade are going to have to find a creative way to get things done without all this lag time…

It’s somewhat aggravating but we remained patient, focused, and determined to get this project out by any means necessary….

Once again the west coast powerhouse keeps it brutal on the mic, samplers and scratches…..We will begin taking orders on the 18th so keep your eyes peeled…